This was a great post and it would be awesome to see more from you from your Architect lens on how people can be the architect of their life in so many ways. :)

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I love what you captured from your experience and perspective and how it impacted you. Mindset is a big part of making the most out of circumstances. That is something we have the power to design internally too.

I also beleive embellishing our surroundings is so important and love doing this for my home and work environment and even when I stay at a hotel! :) I've also been doing more inner work and look for ways to embellish or enhance my thoughts and feelings in empowering positive ways.

This instantly made me think of my fiance Stefan who started working at a local supermarket in high-school through college in the 70s in one of the worst areas of Detroit. Where he was a child of immigrants who survived WWII in Poland

Perhaps their gritt for what they had experienced and gratefulness to have made it to America made them not be as impacted by the challenges they faced as a family here.

Stefan bonded with the owner of the store and ended up managing it. And faced many hard times there including being held up by gunpoint. But he looks back at that time so fondly from what he learned, who he learned and almost every dollar saved.

It helped him have enough to start his own business and now owns several successful ventures.

And he still bags his own groceries and stocks our cupboards and fridge at home with glee. As of today I've heard at least 20 fond memories and stories of his time there down to how much pride he had keeping the floors so clean they glowed and different things he did to help them be successful and how much the staff was like family.

Physical and emotional environment is everything. Its amazing how different your two experiences were because of those two factors. Just imagine had you two been at his store at the same time! :)

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